Radiant Skin Spray Tans

Full Body – $25

3 Full body tanning sessions – $90
5 Full body tanning sessions – $125


We can’t all have a body like this but with a quality spray tan it can certainly help to make it look like it’s on the way to it. Either way, you’ll have a fabulous glowing tan!


At Radiant Skin our preferred tanning product is Vani-T.

Vani-T’s professional tanning range is loved and requested by A-list celebrities, beauty editors and TV shows around the world for it’s famous just-off-the-beach glow. The most believable, flawless, long lasting tan imaginable is achieved (proven to fade 80% better than other leading brands). Our tanning formulas also disguise cellulite, stretchmarks, making you look and feel thinner and sexier.

Vani-T offers totally unique, natural and organic based cosmeceutical formulas for the most discerning client:
no orange tones
long lasting and fades evenly
authentic cocoa brown colour
no telltale odour
intensely hydrating

Vani-T utilise the world’s finest quality natural and organic ingredients ensuring a premium sunless experience. Millions of people around the world have trusted Vani-T tanning products to bronze their body beautiful.

Our spray tan has no alcohol, oils, perfumes or potentially harmful chemicals or preservatives.

You may wear your own underwear (not your best pair please, they can stain), or we supply complimentary disposable g-strings. Some clients prefer to be naked to avoid the undie line! You may also choose to wear a disposable shower cap as light hair may stain.

Application of the tan takes 5-10 minutes. We will ask you to move into certain positions to ensure you are sprayed all over. We dry you off afterwards and recommend you wear dark, loose fitting clothing after your spray tan. It is best not to wear a bra if you can avoid it.

Our tanning is safe for Pregnant and Lactating clients, aswell as sensitives skins.

Spray tan does not contain any sunscreen or provide protection from the sun so you will need to ensure you apply sunscreen when outdoors.

You need to wait 24 hours between waxing, shaving and application of your spray tan.

To get the best result from your spray tan, follow these steps


Before you spray tan

Exfoliate your body before application.

This can be done the night before or same day.
Do not wear perfumes, oils, moisturisers or creams.
Wear dark inexpensive underwear (they can stain)


After your spray tan:

Do not wet your skin for 2 hours after the tan.
When you shower the bronzer that shows us where we have sprayed will wash off, this is not your tan washing off, this is part of the tanning process. Your skin will continue to tan.
Pat dry your skin rather than rubbing.
Avoid exercise or perspiring after tanning.
Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!!! The moisturisers will slow down exfoliation of the skins outer layer and hence the removal of the tan. Do not exfoliate as this will remove the tan.
When the tan starts looking shabby then exfoliate and start again!

All tans are two-hour solutions, meaning you can wash it off two hours after application.


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